rest grow warm wish
stay calm rest warm
grow fire salt dine
soul meet wish kiss
wake warm make care

Cass House Questionnaire

Inspired by the Proust questionnaire from the late 1800s
What is your idea of happiness?
Eating, drinking, and laughing or dreaming of the next time I will be eating, drinking, and laughing.
What is your favorite four letter word?
What is your all-time favorite vacation location?
Bora Bora. I have not been yet, but I will go one day and stay in one of those little huts over the ocean.
If you could live anywhere but where you do now, where would that be?
NYC, baby.
What natural talent would you like to be gifted with?
Acting and singing -- well.
What is your favorite food?
Pasta, a great great burger with fries and a beer, turkey sandwich, all Mexican food, great cheese, good BBQ... um, how many can I list?
What is your favorite drink?
Tequila and bourbon. Bloody Mary with a beer back. Wine! Pinot and Rose are my faves.
What is your all-time favorite restaurant and why?
My favorite restaurant is April Bloomfield’s The Spotted Pig West Village. Awesome food and the best mellow, warm vibe. I have made it a tradition to go there the very first night I arrive in NYC. Always amazing.
What is your favorite food memory?
Lobster in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico with my family and friends when I was little. When we lived in San Diego, we went almost monthly. I can still taste it.
What is your greatest fear?
I have bad dreams of driving cars out of control off of a freeway overpass. Being out of control I guess. And not in the good way.
What do you appreciate most in your friends?
Laughter and support. Loving me no matter what.
Who are your real-life heroes or heroines?
People who take risks and people who take care of others better than I ever would. My sisters for their strength and support.
Who are your fictional heroes or heroines?
The heroines in Liza Palmer’s novels overcome obstacles to achieve their goals in the end, but with tons of humor, great food, and music.
What four words describe your personality?
Humorous. Relaxed. Caring. Driven.
What is your motto?
Life’s short, enjoy everything now!