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We are the Cass House Collective - a group of industry professionals and artisans, collaborating intentionally in the offering of our respective gifts of service in order to deliver the highest standard of experience to The Cass House clientele.

Sage & Stone, Alex Fuss | Event Direction
As the preferred event coordinator and exclusive event management company at The Cass House, I provide sage guidance and event coordination with integrity, based on my vast experience and expansive career in the field of service, food and beverage, hospitality and event management.

Bijou Bakery, Jeniece Grimshaw | Pastry Chef
My offerings at Bijou Bakery combine a California approach fused with French technique. A classically trained pastry chef, I specialize in creating delicate pastries and intricate cakes. Using simple, fresh ingredients, It is my joy to offer a beautiful daily selection as well as custom orders for special events.

Mother Beauty, Liana Moynier | Holistic Beauty & Wellness
My goal as a holistic esthetician is to help you tap into your own inner beauty through nurturing modalities designed to benefit not only your skin but your physical, emotional and mental state. The peaceful coastal atmosphere at the Cass House is a perfect complement to aid in attaining deep restoration.

Alden, Traci Hozie | Company Culture
I aim to help businesses function, grow and expand harmoniously, efficiently and beneficially for all involved individuals. Through company culture focused workshops, consulting services, speaking engagements and more, I offer an intuitive yet pragmatic approach based on decades’ worth of experience owning and operating successful small businesses.

Honey Jo Creative Co., Jenna Hartzell | Creative Design
As a digital creative who loves a good story, my passion is taking an idea and setting color and order to it. I’m here to help get your brand organized, create and publish your online presence, maintain your brand throughout platforms, design print/digital ads, and tell your story with fresh perspective and energy.